Stove Maintenance and Servicing in Stafford

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07852 992268
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It is imperative to have your stove inspected and serviced annually to ensure the SAFE & EFFICIENT operation of your wood burning or multi-fuel stove.

As a member of HETAS Stephen Woodward is qualified to service your Stove, which is a requirement of many manufacturers in order to comply with the terms and conditions of their guarantees.
The service will be carried out as per the manufactures service instructions but will include as a minimum the following:

  • Any soot deposits of other debris removed from the damper assembly or top of appliance.
  • Flue connection to be checked to ensure it is free from products of combustion and is secure.
  • Removal of all firebox parts in contact with the fire.
  • Any damper mechanism removed, cleaned, and replaced, ensuring its correct operation.
  • The firebombing will be scraped and cleaned.
  • All internal flue ways cleaned.
  • Seals between the appliance and the hearth/fire surround checked and remade if necessary.
  • Ash-pit cover removed and checked for an airtight fit
  • Operation and calibration of any air controls checked.
  • Any manufactures internal seals checked to ensure no air is entering the firebox other than through the controlled air supply.
  • Convection chambers checked.
  • All parts in contact with the fire - fireballs, firebricks, throat plate, damper mechanism and de-ashing mechanism checked and refitted.
  • Fire door and ash pit doors seals checked.
  • Check glass fronts for damage.
  • Check rope seals and mend/replace as required.
  • Fire door alignment checked and adjusted as required.
  • The Carbon Monoxide alarm is within its operational date, position and functioning correctly.
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